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Cheers Real Estate Limited Cheers Real Estate Limited (CREL) is a boutique Real Estate Agency founded by Ms. Marilyn Mak on 14th April, 2009. The Agency prides herself as a property matchmaker for sellers and buyers, landlords and renters on Trades and Leases for Residential, Commercial & Industrial properties all over Hong Kong. Strategically located in Stanley, a prestigious area of many premium and luxury properties in Southside of Hong Kong, she is now regarded as the iconic orange property agency. The orange theme colour signifies a vibrant, lively, and cheerful character of Marilyn and her perseverance to bring about a positive property-shopping experience to all her clients.

Led by Marilyn, our real estate experts work hand in hand to ensure all transaction processes are smooth and all details are addressed thoroughly. With our team effort, we endeavour to enhance the overall transaction experience and from time to time review, update, and streamline our approaches to provide excellent professional service in the property agency industry.

Through passionate hard work in the community, CREL has won word of mouth from many satisfied clients and continues to thrive in business. With positive feedback in the past decade, this serves as a major motivation for CREL and its team to go the extra miles, and to forever propel forward for a better tomorrow. At CREL, we all embrace this ideology in our very being: “Together we make this world a better home, Cheers !”
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Tel (852) 2813 7777
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Address SHOP B, LG/F., 126 Stanley Main Street, Hong Kong.


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