Licence No.: C-033562
Sole Agency Properties 獨家靚盤
All   Photo Input Date Usage Building Name Floor GFA (ft²) SA (ft²) Price$(M) Rental Ref. Detail
  2023-02-01 Residential Stanley LUNG TAK COURT Middle -- -- 2.001 S005287 Detail
  2023-01-21 HOS Stanley LUNG TAK COURT (HOS) High 559 421 5.280 S117626 Detail
  2023-01-21 Residential Stanley LUNG TAK COURT Low 559 421 14800 S039458 Detail
  2022-11-19 Residential Stanley LUNG TAK COURT 559 421 3.900 S004283 Detail
  2022-11-19 HOS Stanley LUNG TAK COURT -- 527 16000 S131008 Detail
  2022-11-14 Residential Stanley MODEST BLDG Low 700 549 8.500 1 S104447 Detail
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