Licence No.: C-033562
Useful Information
Useful Telephone Number
Water Supply Department 2824-5000
Hong Kong Electric 2887-3411
China Light and Power 2678-2678
Hong Kong Town Gas 2880-6988
PCCW 1000
Land Registry 2867-8080
Companies Registry 2867-2587
(Incorporation of local limited company)
(Registration of overseas company)
Useful Web Site
Water Supply Department
China Light & Power
Hong Kong Electric
Hong Kong Town Gas
Hong Kong Housing Authority
Hong Kong Housing Society
Town Planning Board
The Hong Kong Mortgages Corporation Limited
Estate Agents Authority
Inland Revenue Department
Rating and Valuation Department http://www.rvd.cp/hk
Buildings Department
Census and Statistics Department
Lands Department
The Land Registry Department
Committee on Home-School Co-operation
Hong Kong Slope Safety


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